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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Listed below are some of the questions we are commonly asked. There is no such thing as a stupid question. Please call us at 888-828-8168 if you do not see an answer to your question here.
What are AnyTime Minutes?
There are NO monthly limits on your minutes. Use them anytime you want. When your minutes run low just add more minutes to your account. NO monthly fees or renewals.
Does this work with Federal Prisons?
This works with all Federal institutions.
What are Referral Minutes?
100 free minutes are added to your account for every person you refer who joins our service. Additionally, the referred person will get 100 free minutes when they join our service.
Can I get a refund?
Of course. Satisfaction is guaranteed! If you are unhappy with this service the unused portion of the monthly fee will be refunded.
Do I still have to pay the prison's phone provider?
Yes - you have to maintain your account with the prisons' phone provider (Global Tel*Link, Securus, Evercom, etc.) but they will be charging you much less when you use our local number.
Is there an activation fee?
The activation fee pays for the local telephone number and programming that number to ring your telephones. We are currently NOT charging activation fees.
Does this work with cell phones?
This will work with cell phones, land lines, office phones, any phone you currently use.
What is VOIP?
VOIP is Voice Over Internet Protocol. It uses the internet to transmit phone calls instead of conventional phone lines. VOIP is already used by 30 million people in the United States for daily phone calls.
Is this legal?
Yes it is legal. However, prison phone companies (GTL, Securus, etc.) resent that it eliminates their price gouging and try to prevent its use.
Do I need a computer or special equipment?
Not at all. We connect the internet to your telephones.
Does this work with international numbers?
Yes. Rates vary by country so call us at 888-828-8168 for an accurate quote.
What happens if there is a transfer to another prison?
Contact us with the new location and a new local number will be generated.
Will this work in County or Parish jails?
Yes. This can work with all facilities but there is no consistency among local jails. Each case has to be examined individually.
Is any extra equipment or hardware needed?
No. No special equipment or other hardware is needed.
What happens when my minutes run out?
You will be notified when your minutes are running low so you can renew without an interruption in service.
I signed up for 100 minutes but we used them up in 2 weeks? What happens now?
Just renew and the calls will continue. We suggest signing up for more minutes to avoid any interruption in service (and to save money).
How many minutes do I need?
This varies from person to person. Most calls are limited to 20 minutes so the 100 minute plans will provide about 1 call per week (or about 5 calls per month).
I signed up for 300 minutes but only used half this month. What happens now?
Your AnyTime minutes are good for up to a year. Continue calling until your minutes run out.
What are "multiple phones"?
When you are called by your loved one the first number will ring for 20 seconds. If unanswered the next number on your list wil ring, and so on. If there are no answers the call hangs up.
Will more than one line ring at the same time?
Only one phone line will ring at a time. Your phone(s) will ring as they do now. If you have multiple phones on a line they will ring as usual.
Will this change my phone?
Not at all. The calls you receive are normal phone calls. We just use a different way of getting them to you.